Monday, June 20, 2011

जमिनीबाबत ईमेलद्वारे शंकासमाधान (६)

श्री लक्ष्मण शेलार यांनी विचारलेला प्रश्न :

Respected Sir,

I have problem about my farm land. My case is as follows : My grandfather had purchased a farmland in 1952.

(A) After my grandfather had transferred the same to my father by partition as per, gao namuna no 6 in record of right by jabab,not by registered partition.

(B) My father had we three sons and three daughters. Now my father had registered gift deed in sub registrar office to only our middle brother.

I had a question, how my father can do the legal gift and gift for only son? We are member of HUF and coparsener by birth. Ref land is brought my grandfather. how my father do so? 

Please give me your expert opinion.

Thanking you.

Laxman Shelar

श्री लक्ष्मण शेलार यांचे शंकासमाधान झाल्यानंतरचा ईमेल  : 

Dear Sir,

Your reply had received.

I am very glad with your opinion, with my question had studied by Circle Inspector and in result of Ferfarnond, the Circle has rejected the Ferfarnonde made by Talathi after giving hearing to us. Circle Inspector in his judgement accept the coparcenary right of our all waras of our family and so the Ferfarnond by gift deed is rejected on merit as per your opinion.

Please give me further direction in my favor.

Thanking you.

 Laxman Shelar

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