Friday, October 7, 2011

जमिनीबाबत ईमेलद्वारे शंकासमाधान (७)

श्री प्रशांत गायकवाड यांनी विचारलेला प्रश्न :

Respected Sir,

I have purchased your book and read the same. It’s definitely informative and helpful. I have started the procedure as per information given in the book. I came across a problem wherein I couldn't find solution in the book. 

Sir, Being an adiwasi myself, I have purchased a 6 acres adiwasi land in dudgaon in 2005. Now I have decided to sale 2 acres from the same to general person for NA purpose. 

While preparing the documentation It is seen that the purchase deed of mine done in 2005 is having wrong "chatusima". Now the advocate of the purchaser demands registered correction deed. Fortunately the owner from whom I have purchased is ready to do the correction, who was a single owner on 7/12. As there are difference in opinion in advocates and registrar I have following doubts :

1. The original deed was done in registrar office number 5, is it compulsory to do the correction deed in the same office.

2. Is the consent of the ‘VARAS” necessary for correction deed, or it is just the sign of the owner whose sole name was on 7/12 is sufficient.

3. Is the notarized correction deed is sufficient.

4. What are the alternate legal documents available where the ‘CHATUSIMA” are mentioned e.g 6D, 8a etc.5. What is the meaning of road shown in dotted lines (-------) adjacent to my GAT No. Is it ‘PAUL-VAT’ or ‘GAD-RASTA’ what is the breadth of the same. (I have enquired about this in TP office, but couldn’t get authentic reply)Sir, please guide me where can I get information about the above mentioned things.

Thanks and regards.

Prashant Gaikwad

श्री प्रशांत गायकवाड यांच्या ईमेलला देण्यात आलेले उत्तर  : 

Dear Prashant,

1. I don't think u should make a correction deed. Mainly because chatursima only indicate location of land.

2. Now while making sale deed in favour of third party, you can be specific. You can also give a small map (hand drawn) in the sale deed for satisfaction of buyer. you can also take consent of earlier owner on new sale deed. 

3.----single dotted line only indicates a road - the width can be seen from original tippan from land record department.Normally it is 7 ft. 

Shekhar Gaikwad

श्री प्रशांत गायकवाड यांचे शंका समाधान झालेनंतरचा ईमेल :

Respected Sir,

Thank you very much for your valuable guidance. I am regularly referring to your blogspot and Not many people are aware of both the facilities. I am referring the same to many. Its indeed a very good work you are doing sir. specially helpful for the illiterate farmers who often get cheated by the landlords and builders.

Thanks and regards.

Prashant Gaikwad

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