Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Small Correction in existing system can bring social change...

News Published in Sakal Times :

Pune : Shekhar Gaikwad, Joint Secretary in the Chief Minister’s office, who provided an alternative to the inefficient Public Distribution System (PDS) by implementing the ‘One time home delivery of food grains scheme’, said that small corrections in the existing system can bring about a social change.

Gaikwad was speaking at a seminar on ‘Media, Human Development and Governance : Need for a reality check’ organised by the RTI Forum for Instant Information and the Media Information  and communication Centre of India, on Sunday.

During his tenure as additional district collector at Nashik in 2005, Gaikwad studied the PDS and found loopholes in the system. “The poor were not receiving food grains at Fair Price Shops (FPS). Also, there was scope for corruption. Out of the total quota of food grains, only 58 per cent was reaching the poor and there was a leakage of around 35-65 per cent,” he said.

After consulting the local people’s representatives and villagers in the tribal hamlets in Peth and Surgana talukas of Nashik district, he introduced the one time home delivery scheme of food grains as a pilot project. Under the scheme, food grains are distributed directly to the villagers after payment is made in advance.

“The project received a huge response from the villagers, because for them, pre-payment of either three or six months was more convenient than standing in a queue a FPS every week or month. Since, it was heavily subsidised, they could easily afford it. As per our calculations, with this experiment, Rs. 12,500 crore subsidy, storage and transport cost of food grains can be saved,” he explained.

In 2011, the State Cabinet approved the scheme in 10,000 villagers of 10 districts of Maharashtra, including Pune, Jalna and Nashik.

“with the success of this experiment, the agriculture department is also considering a similar scheme for the fertiliser sector,” he added.

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