Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Book - Land Issues in India...

काही वर्षांपूर्वी मी असे ठरवले होते की दरवर्षी एक पुस्तक लिहावे.असे ठरवल्यामुळे मी 12 पुस्तके पूर्ण करु शकलो.हे वर्ष संपन्यापूर्वी 13 वे पुस्तक पूर्ण झाले आहे. Land Issues in India जमीन विषयक भारतातील बहुसंख्य कायद्यातील महत्वाच्या तरतुदी एकाच पुस्तकात आल्या आहेत.मी आणि Ad.शिशिर हिरे यांनी हे पुस्तक लिहिले आहे.

This book would be the first of its kind to comprehensively put an overview of all the legal aspects of land together in simple format. It is advised that once the overview of a specific legal aspect is known in a simple language, the readers should check the provisions of relevant law and exact wordings if necessary. Though each state has different state laws, most of the provisions are common. Readers from other states are advised to find out the similar provisions in their state laws.

We are sure that this book will prove a best guide to academicians, students, professionals, technocrats, builders, architects, students, investors, planners, officers, project managers, and policy makers and above all the common man to get an idea of complexities of land issues that we are facing today in all spheres. It is an effort to spread legal literacy about land issues among the masses.

We sincerely hope that people seeking justice and legal knowledge can take some tips from this book, and understand the basics of land issues.

- Shekhar Gaikwad and - Shishir Hiray

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